About the LMMLC

The Lower Mainland Minor Lacrosse Commission is based in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, with teams based within Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.  The LMMLC has youth divisions from Mini-Tyke (under 6) to Midget (under 16) as well as Female divisions, and runs its season from April to June.

2020 Executive
Chair Beth McLucas chair@lmmlc.ca
Vice Chair Mary Clare vicechair@lmmlc.ca
Secretary Pam Mason secretary@lmmlc.ca
Treasurer Lynda Callard treasurer@lmmlc.ca
Female Chair Paul Kuhn female@lmmlc.ca
Zone 3 Representative Vacant zone3@lmmlc.ca
Zone 4 Representative Mike O’Connor zone4@lmmlc.ca
Zone 5 Representative Mary Clare zone5@lmmlc.ca
2020 Commissioners
Midget A1/A2 Mary Clare midget_a@lmmlc.ca
Midget B Liz Lego midget_b@lmmlc.ca
Bantam A1/A2 Trish Keizer bantam_a@lmmlc.ca
Bantam B Graham Ahara bantam_b@lmmlc.ca
Bantam C Matt Paterson bantam_c@lmmlc.ca
Peewee A1/A2 Laurie Wortley peewee_a@lmmlc.ca
Peewee B Victoria Hatch peewee_b@lmmlc.ca
Peewee C Ceayon Johnston peewee_c@lmmlc.ca
Novice A1/A2 Jim McIntosh novice_a@lmmlc.ca
Novice B Mike Ortutay novice_b@lmmlc.ca
Novice C Karen Hertslet novice_c@lmmlc.ca
Tyke Victoria Howard tyke@lmmlc.ca
Mini-Tyke Grant Morrison mini-tyke@lmmlc.ca
Female Junior Michelle McGregor female_junior@lmmlc.ca
Female Midget Beth McLucas female_midget@lmmlc.ca
Female Bantam Beth McLucas female_bantam@lmmlc.ca
Female Peewee Stacy Hermmerling female_peewee@lmmlc.ca
Female Novice Michael Lonsbrough female_novice@lmmlc.ca
Female Tyke Beth McLucas female_tyke@lmmlc.ca

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